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Shopify website branding, design and development

TreatBox UK creates pre-made, monthly, or personalised boxes to let the people in your life know how much you care. It all started after Zoe, the founder, was searching for something to cheer up a friend and couldn’t find anything that felt thoughtful or customisable enough.

During the pandemic, more people than ever wanted to send their loved ones little pick-me-up surprises to keep them smiling through the harder times. In this time, Treatbox saw growth like they’d never seen before and they wanted to take their website to the next level, giving it a fresh, modern feel while also improving every step in a box’s journey, from picking and creating to packing and delivery.

Our remit when creating the website included:

  • Escape the heavy, darker stylings of the previous website
  • Make every step in Treatbox creation easier for both customers and Zoe
  • Highlight the high-quality products and thoughtfulness behind every box
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Treatbox Branding by Cake Agency

Design and messaging


We started the project with a mini-rebrand and new logo design. We took the time to find the perfect balance between cute, modern, and thoughtful, keeping in theme with the hand-drawn signature element to highlight the hand-made quality behind the brand.

We also worked with Treatbox to ensure that their key messaging was coming through at every step of the journey. This included:

  • Little touches to remind people that each box is packed & wrapped by hand.
  • Creating a “category for every moment,” proving that there really is a perfect Treatbox waiting for every person, no matter the reason.
  • Adding in an Instagram feed that pulls through the personal stories and moments behind each Treatbox that’s sent out.
  • Transforming the blog into a content hub, including a mini navigation bar that placed every blog article into an easy-to-find category that could inspire their next surprise for a loved one.
Treatbox Shopify Website Account Area

Bespoke Shopify functionality

Personalised ‘My Account’ Area

To make the user experience even easier for customers who decide to come back after purchasing a box as a ‘Guest’, we made sure that returning customers who create an account will be able to see their previous orders. Anyone who loves Treatbox already knows this, but it’s the little things that count.

Digital Cake Treatbox Website

Customer journey mapping by product

User experience design

We created a new landing page for the different Treatboxes available:

  • Build your own box: Create a perfectly-personalised box with 250+ items to choose from.
  • Curated box: Surprise someone with a selection of pre-planned boxes.
  • Subscription box: 3, 6, or 12 months of thoughtful little letterbox treats!

In an instant, new or returning customers know exactly where they’re going next.

Here’s how we improved the customer journey even further, so buying a Treatbox was a simple and intuitive process for all:

Stage 1: Choose your box, including 5, 7, or 10 items in your box. There’ll soon be a high-quality video sitting on this page that shows exactly how to create your perfect box, all without slowing down optimal ecommerce site performance.

Stage 2: Choose your products. Here, we made it easy to find out more info about each and every product without clicking away to another page, and showed the box filling up with each item they added, creating a smoother, more interactive journey.

Stage 3: Add any extras. Here, people can add any extra little touches or cards with their own personal message inside, including a little sticker that tells their loved one, “Do not open until…”. A little touch that means the boxes can be sent ahead of special occasions.

Stage 4: Review and complete box. Here, you can add a free gift message, any special requirements that need to be kept in mind, and, for that next-level user experience, even send to multiple addresses at the same time.

Treatbox Website on Mobile

Device-driven design

Mobile optimisation

People use their mobile phones for everything these days, especially shopping, and that isn’t going anywhere. To create a brand that felt as modern as it is thoughtful, we made sure that Treatbox was completely optimised for mobile.

We added accessible scrolling for easier navigation, pop-up boxes for any ingredients or important information, and increased conversion with intuitive sliders that keep guests gliding through the site from discovery to purchase.

Treatbox Brand Imagery
Treatbox Subscription Brand
Treatbox Ready to go

I have worked with Digital Cake on numerous projects for my website. They are an amazing company, so helpful and I can always call on them if I need ANYTHING! They are attentive and get the job done on time. I would highly recommend them.

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