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Shopify Website Development

Dancing Leopard were looking to invest in a new site ready for Black Friday. Their existing website was dated, restrictive, and wasn’t positioned for the growth that brand was aiming for.

With a strong vision for the brand and plans to expand into new territories in the coming years, they needed a new site that could handle high traffic and easily adapt along with any incoming changes.

Dancing Leopard Website

Our scope of works

Shopify Plus website

In creating a new Shopify Plus website for Dancing Leopards, our goals were to:

  • Create another award-winning website for our client.
  • Bring style and functionality together in a modern website that would set the brand apart from competitors.
  • Review functionality and adapt key, customer-first features, such as mega navigation and video content.
  • Create a high-speed, SEO-optimised website for desktop and mobile.
  • Seamlessly migration from the brand’s existing platform without a drop in traffic.
  • Gather better data for the brand with improved website analytics access.
Dancing Leopard

Data insights and optimisation


Their website was already performing well, but we were excited to support this key growth period and see how far we could push their success with a newly optimised site.

With this new website, we wanted to help Dancing Leopard move into new territories and assist their ongoing development as they continue to hit important milestones. Given the size of the retailer and growth potential, Shopify Plus was the best platform to enable their projected progression.

We started this process with important foundation work, letting us discover more about the performance and goals of the brand, which included:

  • How existing customers used the site.
  • Current website performance stats.
  • Possible opportunities for improvement.
  • We also assessed the usability of the current site, transferring these learnings into the design of the new site.

Brand-lead design

Shopify Plus website design

We created three separate home pages and multiple product and collection pages to choose from. For each design, we wanted to ensure that we were creating a user-friendly interface which also accurately and effectively represented the Dancing Leopard brand.

We talked through each design with our client so we could get their feedback, ultimately creating a best-practice Shopify website we were proud to call our own..

Dancing Leopard

Testing and launch

Site speed review

After collaborating and continuing to match (or exceed!) expectations, the new Dancing Leopard went live with plenty of time to capitalise on Black Friday trade, with a page speed score of 96 on desktop and 73 on mobile, a significant improvement from their old site.

We’re not the kind of agency to ever stop improving, so we’re also continuing to optimise this score through image optimisation and reducing video length.

With their new website, we offered a 30-day warranty to ensure that any issues will be resolved quickly and efficiently by our team. We’re also providing training sessions to ensure their internal team can use the site and make any in-house changes as they need to.

 “Thank you so much, I love my shiny new website!”

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