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Branding, Shopify website design and development, marketing strategy

The Birmingham Museums shop exists to support Birmingham Museums Trust, preserving their collections for countless future generations with sales of their unique Birmingham-inspired items. Yes, Bab!

With Birmingham Museums shut because of the pandemic, these iconic museums had been struggling to make the money needed to preserve their magnificent collections. It was time to modernise their online shop for lovers of Birmingham, art, and culture, no matter where they were.

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A shop for Birmingham lovers

Ecommerce strategy

The team from Birmingham Museums shops approached us to support with their ecommerce and digital marketing strategy, including:

  • Define Birmingham Museums’ brand foundations and audience, refining their style and their tone of voice for a new, younger audience.
  • Design and create an engaging, sales-driving Shopify ecommerce website with additional functionality for custom purchases.
  • Integrate a 1-year marketing plan, SEO and CRM strategy, and email comms to keep new and existing customers coming back for more.
Cake Agency Branding for Birmingham Museums and Art Gallery

A new look and feel for Birmingham Museums shop

Brand foundations

Through a series of collaborative workshops, we built their Brand Foundations, taking the time to understand the mission and vision that drove their work, and the values that run through everything they do. Alongside this, we discovered and refined their audience personas, keeping in mind that they also wanted to reach a new, younger audience outside of the existing museum-goers. This included mapping out the optimised customer journey these people would take through the online shop.

We also collaborated on a modernised, approachable visual brand and tone of voice, creating an online shop that looked and sounded like a place they’d want to spend their time and money shopping for unique gifts.

Cake Agency Website Development Birmingham Museums & Art Gallery

Unique website functionality

Shopify Design and build

Now that we understood who we were creating a website for, and what was most important to the story of Birmingham Museums’ online shop, we were ready to fully design and build a Shopify ecommerce website that ticked all the boxes:

  • Modern, stylish website that portrayed the quality within each item.
  • Easy to navigate, with an informative, yet friendly, tone of voice.
  • Highlights important aspects of the online shop, from their mission to support Birmingham Museums Trust to their love of local makers.

Plus, a few extra touches for a customer experience that’ll keep them coming back:

Art Post: We made it easier to purchase Birmingham Museums’ Art Post, allowing people to send cute, hand-written cards to people they’ve been missing during the pandemic – each one featuring its own little masterpiece.

Take a piece of the collection home: We simplified the journey to choose and customise pieces of artwork in collaboration with King & McGraw. People simply select their art style (canvas or print), frame, and even size, personalising memorable pieces from the collection for their own home.

Cake Agency Birmingham Museums & Art Gallery Marketing

Inviting people in

Marketing strategy

With an online shop so carefully crafted for its audience, we had to make sure people found it in their search for unique gifts and items. This included:

  • Marketing channel integration: Ensuring all marketing channels used by the brand were in line with the new style and tone of voice.
  • SEO strategy: Optimising the online shop with keywords and search phrases that would help potential customers discover everything Birmingham Museums has to offer.

1-year marketing plan: Letting Birmingham’s past inspire us one year into the future with marketing strategies and tactics that keep new and existing customers coming to the online shop for one-of-a-kind gift ideas

Birmingham Museums & Art Gallery Website on Phone

Targeted email communications

CRM Strategy

Once we’d convinced people to make a purchase, we created a CRM strategy within Klaviyo revolving around a series of automated, targeted customer emails, such as:

  • Thanks for signing up
  • Abandoned browse
  • Abandoned cart
  • Last chance (with offer!)
  • “You might also like…“


With so much treasure waiting to be discovered within Birmingham Museums’ online shop, we can’t say we’re surprised that the new-and-improved website is already showing off impressive results.

Yes Bab T-Shirts - BMAG Online Shop

It has been a fantastic experience working with Cake, they supported and guided us through a complete rethink of our e-commerce operation. We’ve been learning a great deal through the development phase and the team have been incredibly patient with our many many questions. We’re really pleased with our new site and I would recommend Cake wholeheartedly.

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