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An alternative to the everyday

Bad Monday is a tattoo-inspired streetwear brand with diversity, inclusivity, and eye-catching graphics at their heart. What began as a small business selling printed t-shirts has become a unique brand selling high-quality, one-of-a-kind fashion with aspirations of making a real difference in the scenes of art and music.

During our brand foundation work with Bad Monday, we saw how important the creativity and inspiration of individual artists are to the uniqueness of Bad Monday’s streetwear and community. We’ve helped the Bad Monday team realise this vision through ecommerce consultancy, Marketing direction, a new website and mobile app and ongoing marketing support.

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Bad Monday website on ipad

Design and launch the new Bad Monday brand

Shopify Plus website

After a year of incredible growth, Bad Monday’s website didn’t reflect where the brand wanted to be, or the quality and care put into their products. Our job was to create a Shopify ecommerce website that pushed the brand forward with a more premium touch, allowing them to evolve and lead in their niche market.

The goals included:

  • Take Bad Monday’s branding in a more premium route to represent their high-quality products and niche market.
  • Upgrade to a Shopify ecommerce website that would allow for the bespoke functionality they needed for a sleeker shopping experience.
  • Put the products first in this new website, allowing the unique streetwear to take centre-stage.
Bad Monday Men's Ombre Summer Shirt

Putting the Bad Monday products in the spotlight


Bad Monday already had an idea of how they wanted to move into a more premium market, including new fonts and colour schemes, so we lent our ecommerce expertise to their plans, guiding and recommending our way to a new website design that would not only look and feel like Bad Monday, but also provide an intuitive, accessible shopping experience for their growing international brand.

In order to give the products the focus, we decided on a modern black and white website with pops of green to highlight key UX points of interest. This meant that the eye was naturally drawn to the colourful, unique designs of the products.

We also recommended switching from flat lays of products to more engaging on-model shots, giving customers a better idea of fit and style. In seconds, these shots brought the website and the products to life.

Device-specific design

Mobile optimisation

We wouldn’t create a premium new Shopify website without making sure it was also optimised for mobile. This includes little touches like a solid bar on the mobile version of the website, making it so easy to open the menu and explore other pages, even if you’ve been scrolling through products for hours (and you might want to).

Bad Monday Website featuring on model photo imagery

“Get the look” and custom Wishlist

Bespoke website functionality

As a way of increasing average order value while also making certain collections or products easier to find, we created “Get the look” and “Get the set” functionality, pulling complete collections or outfits together for people to easily find.

For the first time, customers can add products to their wishlists, allowing them to browse the collections and tag items of interest until they’re ready to purchase. There’s also a unique animation that makes adding items to your wishlist feel like a real experience.

Demon Dance Bad Monday Collaboration Tattoo Artist

Early access collection launch

Marketing campaign planning

With the individual artist being such an important part of the brand, each artist collaboration will have this space going forward, highlighting their talent and their importance to the expressive community of Bad Monday.

A full Jessica O collection page was designed on the Bad Monday Shopify site, including an artist interview to share the story behind their journey, inspirations, and unique styles.

To build buzz ahead of the collection’s launch, we emailed the Bad Monday community and directed them to the Jessica O collection page to find out more.

There, they could sign up for 24-hour early access to the new collection, allowing them to purchase their favourite limited-edition pieces before anyone else…. Just another perk of being in the Bad Monday family.

Bad Monday Facebook Page

Reaching a new audience

Scaling our performance marketing

The brief? Reach new people with new products, and increase engagement in a competitive Facebook advertising space.

When one path’s too crowded, there’s always another you can take. Firstly, we showed off Bad Monday’s newest collections, models, and workshops with a new streetwear angle.

We also ran split-testing on Facebook ad images (product shots vs lifestyle shots) to see which worked best for improving engagement and CPC.

Then we let Facebook and Google’s programmatic marketing AI handle scale ads based on budget and performance while we optimised the customer journey for engagement and

This is how you scale up Facebook adverts to increase awareness and sales with new and existing audiences.

One thing that’s not new to Bad Monday is pushing boundaries, so they gave us the freedom to push the boundaries of what their Facebook advertising could do.

With these results, we’re happy they did. Comparing Q1 2021 vs Q1 2020, we saw:

  • +65.6% spend
  • +80.33% clickthrough rate
  • +16.3% conversion rate
  • +15.6% average order value
Bad Monday Men's It Always Rains Black Crew Neck Sweater
Black Monday Women's Barbed Wire Vest Summer Shot
Bad Monday Eagle Rose Graphic T-shirt On Model Image

Digital Cake has given control and structure to a brand that was growing quicker than we ever expected. In doing so, they’ve also become an extension of the Bad Monday team.

Bad Monday Brand Logo

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