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Our Story

Founded by retailers for retailers. This is how we started, why we started, and how we’ve become one of the fastest growing e-commerce agencies in the UK.

A step ahead of the curve

Back in 2001, Cloggs were a small independent shoe store based in Birmingham who were starting to realise the potential of the newly emerging online market.

As retailing shoes online was an untapped market, founder Chris Thomas decided to leave his job as an accountant to become a digital entrepreneur and tackle the challenge of becoming the biggest online shoe retailer!

As the digital world didn’t yet offer the local labour market or agency choice we have today, Cloggs had to learn all the techniques from scratch, meaning that the principles of becoming a successful online presence were created and perfected during the early 00s, since forming the backbone of our consultancy here at Cake.

Cake Agency Team Presentation

Early days

Cake wasn’t built to be an ordinary agency.

With our retail background, our teams were created to provide a service that seamlessly supports the pressure of running an online business.

We understand the urgency of timely reporting and execution of tactics, but also the long-term strategic vision needed to really drive scale.

Our Vision

Cake will be your outsourced e-commerce support that feels like an in-house team.

We’ll be in the battle with you every day and we’ll never be far away when you need a sounding board or hands-on help.

Cake Agency Team Meeting at high desks

Partners for growth

We love making sales. It’s in our DNA as an agency and nothing makes us happier than seeing the till ring more and more for our clients.

You’ll work with dedicated teams that get to know your business inside and out and from year-round campaign launches to Black Friday madness, we’ll be by your side, monitoring performance and offering recommendations along the way. We’ll never be short of ideas when it comes to pushing your brand forward.

Cake Agency Team on Sofa

What's next?

Starting in 2017 as a team of 1, we are now a team of 20 passionate Cakers—experts in their area and based in Birmingham’s creative Jewellery Quarter.

We’re a fast-growing agency, but we always know where we’re going next. To take this journey with us, you need to fit the Cake mould, understanding what we do and why we do it.

It has been a fantastic experience working with Cake, they supported and guided us through a complete rethink of our e-commerce operation. We’ve been learning a great deal through the development phase and the team have been incredibly patient of our many many questions. We’re really pleased with our new site and I would recommend Cake wholeheartedly.

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