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Do Good

What does it mean to “do good”? For Cake, it means many things… Contributing to our local Jewellery Quarter community. Progressing towards an eco-friendly office we can be proud to call home. Inspiring and encouraging a healthy, balanced lifestyle for our team in and out of work. Sharing our knowledge and passion with the people around us—particularly focused on empowering women in the industry! That’s just the beginning.

Our City

Birmingham has so much to offer the world. There’s a vibe here like no other—nothing and nowhere is off limits. The Cake team are proud Brummies and we want to ensure that the city is not only preserved, but praised and appreciated. Our office is surrounded by history and culture, plonked in the middle of the beloved Jewellery Quarter.


We love to throw an event. It’s  the perfect excuse to crack open the beers and talk to other people in the biz. Our office is home to 3 monthly and quarterly events that bring people together.

Social Circle, founded by our marketing director, Kirstie, is all about the cutting-edge innovations of social media. GirlCode, founded by our operations director, Cheryl, drives empowerment of women in digital. Then there’s our quarterly Shopify Meetup, sharing all the latest in e-commerce from a platform we love.


We love talking to people. Teaming up with the JQ BID to discuss the local area. Having a beer with other local agencies to discuss the highs and lows of the industry. Connecting our clients with others to help each other along their e-commerce journey. It’s all important to keep the Birmingham hub of business alive and thriving. There’s so much more to Birmingham than the infamous accent.


We like to give back and empower the smaller businesses of Birmingham with the e-commerce know-how we’ve gained over the years. We’ve helped eateries, fashion start-ups, and artists by creating a website filled with e-commerce best practices and marketing must-haves.

It’s always inspiring to see how much difference an app or social media campaign can make to small businesses in the local area.

Cake Agency Event Team PhotoCake Agency Team Megan and Kirstie Selfie

Our People

The team at Cake are what matter most to us. We not only want to support their happiness at work, but want to help them live their best life outside of work. A balanced lifestyle is so important, including great food, exercise, and time to reflect.

Mental Health

Outside of the day-to-day demands of e-commerce success, the world can be a stressful place.

We’ve introduced a mental health service for the team to discuss any areas they feel they need support with, plus a health and wellbeing app that provides proactive wellbeing tools and engaging features. There’s a 24/7 support line, along with mini health checks and 4-week plans.


You’ve probably heard of Peloton. It’s been a huge game changer for thousands of people around the world. At Cake, we have a Peloton Bike and a Peloton Treadmill, and every team member receives a free membership to Peloton. This means that even if they don’t fancy a bit of cardio, they can download the app to benefit from the other classes—the meditation classes have been a hit! The aim of bringing in the Pelotons was to reduce workplace stress, foster a positive atmosphere, and encourage physical and mental wellbeing.


The hottest topic in our office! We all love a take-away here and you’ll find Deliveroo bookmarked in most people’s browsers, but we also know the importance of balance and setting our team with the right fuel to smash the day ahead. There’s a breakfast bar, fresh fruit, nuts, and various snacks in our ever-growing pantry—hydration is also key, with a selection of sugar-free drinks, including filtered water, wonky fruit sparkling water, and an impressive selection of Nespresso coffees.

Our Environment

We want to encourage eco-friendly products within our team and community. Anything purchased for the office has an environmental sign-off process, from our hosting packages to the toilet roll we use. Our next challenge is offsetting the agency’s carbon footprint. We’re determined the leave the world better than we found it.


We’ve signed up to Ecologi, which invests your money into projects that remove more greenhouse gasses than your own carbon footprint puts in. Reducing our carbon footprint is entirely necessary, but the transition of change is far slower than the time we have remaining, so we’re putting the work in now.

First Mile

An office with 20 people and 1 dog creates a heap of rubbish, so we needed a waste company that has the environment at the heart of what they do. First Mile is reducing their carbon impact by providing a range of recycling, waste, and circular economy services.

Green Hosting

We partnered with Kualo to ensure 100% Green Powered Hosting. Kualo’s global operations are powered entirely by renewable energy and our UK data centre uses 100% green sourced power, as specified by E.ON and regulated by Ofgem.

Rather than a website as an entity in itself, the team at Cake saw the website as part of a much bigger customer journey to include paid-for ads, social media and CRM. The net result has been a period of monthly double and treble digit growth. We now look upon them as a natural extension of our team, bringing specialist expertise in both marketing and website development.

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